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New 24V Power Supply Units Series NT624

Based on years of experience with the Power Supply Units Series NT24, the Power Supplies Series NT624 have been developed. They use the same hardware as the tried and tested power supplies of the Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC600 and are extremely well matched to the use in fire detection and extinguishing systems.

For example, they can be used as uninterrupted power supply of signalling devices, special detectors, actuations and other devices, which means that these devices do not load the power supply of the fire detection control panel. However, the power supply units are also very well suitable for any other applications requiring an uninterrupted supply with 24VDC.

Due to the integrated monitoring of mains supply, battery and charging circuit, and because possible causes of faults are indicated in detail on the power supply housing, the Power Supply Units Series NT624 fully comply with the standard EN 54-4:2006 – like the Power Supply Units Series NT24. The devices have been tested and certified by VdS.